Water & Waste Water company customer services and revenue system

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  • MOJ

    most powerful and most intelligent customer services system

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Water & Waste Water company customer services and revenue system

The Greatest, most powerful and most intelligent customer services system in Iran’s Water & Waste Water company

Online billing and services, 22 services of Sales & Post-Sales, Housing business, Contractors business, Financial Reports, Managerial dashboard, Advanced Reports & BI

Main Controller & Smart Core

  • Billing Core
  • Workflow Core
  • Financial Core

Advanced Dynamic Report Generator Engine

Art of Design, Quality, Technology and Love…

With fully researches in field of customer services of Water & Waste Water Company of Iran, with help of best designers and programmers in our country and use of most resent technologies in the world, we have created the most powerful system in field of Water & Waste Water Organization. In design of MOJ we used our entire power, knowledge and Love to create not just a software, but a great and beautiful environment for work.

MOJ User interface and it’s working environment is designed based on psychological and aesthetical knowledge to provide the simplest and most user friendly environment, though MOJ users and all Water & Waste Water company customers or applicants could have likable and sweet visit to the software and all its online websites. And finally, everything that the organization, managers and users in customer service department needs, we standardized it in MOJ systems.

Real work flow in organization between operators with certain access rolls to a certain level

کارتابل درخواست ها؛ درخواست های ارجاع شده به هر اپراتور و امکان پیگیری و ادامه درخواست

Each operator can continue the certain requests levels which passed from other operators

Synchronized work flow levels between MOJ & Sahel

Dynamic and Powerful Workflow Engine

According to Microsoft workflow standards


Online Billing

A Smart & Automatic System named “Reading Evaluator”, controls the entered digit by reading agents and evaluate the digit with statistical average, high-low evaluation and customer’s consumption flow so the entered digit follows the customer’s consumption patterns, if the entered digit was not valid, it sends it to “Inaccurate list”, otherwise it’ll calculate customer’s Invoice and bill.

  • Calculate Single Invoices, Installments, Group and Aggregated Invoice
  • Calculate pre-paid invoices with customer’s consumption average
  • Calculate partial and free bills with no limitation on any custom periods with customer’s past readings
  • Calculate balanced invoice from customer’s last financial balance in system
  • Get customer’s payments (proceeds) automatically from banks
  • Cancel invoices and proceeds
  • Interactive Inaccurate List

Company 22 Sale and Post-Sale Services Water and Waste Water

Registered ID for Online services

  • Ability to change or reorder workflow levels and stages and assign each stage to an operator

  • Ability to observe and continue online requests from Sahel

  • Data Validation on each stage

  • Designed based on GIS technology and able to adopt with third-party GIS soft wares

  • Control and Monitor all operator’s in-process stages

  • Control number of quotas used

  • Gives sale invoices and bills

  • Complete support of installments and bank checks

  • Control applicant’s payments and authorize operators to install the split and initiate billing system for applicant

  • Add dedicated network cost to sale Invoice instantly

Sale and Post-Sale Services powered by dynamic workflow engine and it could be customized and adopted to organizations real processes.

  • واگذاری انشعاب آب

  • واگذاری انشعاب فاضلاب

  • تغییر کاربری انشعاب

  • پاسخ به استعلام

  • تغییر مشخصات

  • تغییر واحد مسکونی

  • تغییر ظرفیت قراردادی انشعاب

  • تغییر قطر انشعاب

  • تفکیک کنتور

  • نغییر مکان وسایل اندازه گیری

  • آزمایش کنتور

  • تعویض کنتور

  • نصب سیفون اضافی

  • قطع موقت و وصل انشعاب

  • جمع آوری یا ادغام انشعاب

  • صورتحساب میاندوره

  • بررسی صورتحساب

  • اعلام کارکرد کنتور

  • مشاهده سوابق (المثنی و...)

  • امکان پرداخت صورتحساب

  • پیشنهادات، انتقادات و بررسی شکایات

  • فروش آب تانکری

MOJ Online Customer services in Sahel Water & Waste Water Company Online services

Easiest way to get Online customer services: consumption history, Online-Pay Water Bills, Enter Water meter digits and all 22 Water & Waste Water Company standard services, powered by workflow engine

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Calculation and charge control system

Smart and instant Subscriber’s Invoice Calculation

Charge Changes

Summer times

Post-Sale changes affects subscriber’s billing data

Split calculation into periods and months

Calculating discounts and quotas

Housing Services

  • Water Meter Examination
  • Water Meter Replacement
  • Water Meter Repairment

Exploitation Services

  • Sale Water Split Dedicated Networks
  • Save excavation length, excavation depth, geographical points, water or sewage split diameters & so on…
  • Calculate subscriber’s dedicated network share
  • Automatically add subscriber’s share of dedicated network to his split sale invoice

Print services

Print single bill, installments, Group & Aggregated bills with certain access rolls and sections for printing houses. Generates bills PDF file for printing house so it will be easy to print a bunch of bills instantly.

Online Archives

MOJ centralized archive system, helps users to upload documents or images in all parts of system, easily and secure.

MOJ Water Meter Readings Mobile Software

Submit Agent’s Group readings, with MOJ android readings software

MOJ automatically categorizes system’s all subscribers according to their regional locations and spread them into time batches and charges agents phone with those subscribers who they have to read for that day. It will show subscriber’s locations on Google map and shows the path an agent should walk and read. It also controls agent entered digit and alarm the agent if the entered digit is suspicious. It also stores data offline in phone memory and as soon as agent’s phone connects to internet, it will sync data with server.

  • Show subscriber’s Online financial and consumption data
  • Show subscriber’s location for a specific region on Google map
  • Submit Water Meter status and Reading Status like: Corrupted water meters, Unable to read &…
  • Variety of submitted reading Reports

MOJ Value-Added

MOJ system users statistical

Dynamic Report Generator

Middle managers and senior managers could get reports from anything in the system. All data which are stored in different forms and categories like: Users activities, Sales, Post-Sales, Income summary, Debt depth, Debt age analytics, Financial statements &… could be extracted from data base in form of desired reports.

Managerial Reports & BI

For Middle & Senior Managers

MOJ Managerial dashboard & monitoring system, in form of grids and graphical charts, gives managers online and on-demand reports from any activity which happens in system.

Business Intelligence (BI) technology with its 2D and 3D charts and diagrams, helps senior managers to decide strategies upon their observations over the systems activities in future and predicate future events and moves.

Access Rolls

MOJ has 3 layer of access rolls: Data Access, Office Access, and Work Action Access on pages or even buttons in the software. The first two layer will handle by system automatically and the third layer has given to organization’s human resources team. The simple design of these features made this ability in system so simple so with only “One Click” a roll could be given to or taken from someone.

Manufacturing and Developing Technologies

MOJ is design in Behine Pardazesh agile team, based on 5-layer foundation and software engineering standards with latest technologies in the world. In design of MOJ we used responsive and Cross-Browser technology so it could function well on any device or web browsers.


  • SQL SERVER 2016
  • ASP.Net MVC
  • Entity Framework
  • Workflow Technology
  • .


  • Set Base Run
  • Pre Processed Design
  • Angular JS
  • AJAX


  • Encryption
  • Hashing
  • Anti-Forgery
  • File Stream Technology