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biggest Ict company in iran

Online payment of all customer services in iran including ICT, water, electricity and gas bills.

Supporting "Iranian net", second biggest ict company of Iran, softwares

Having over 40,000,000 subscribers, biggest customer service provider in the middle east.

Hving over 50 systems, softwares and services

Cooperating with best software designers and programmers in all iran

Faraz system; iran ict administration control and monitoring system

Provided Iranian rural regions telecommunication systems

Billing & CRM systems and sub systems

Quality Certifications from iran ict regulator organization

Total billing solution; the greatest and most strategic ict billing systems

Supporting all land line phones and data services of iran

Leading in the communications system of the country

our company along with development of infrastructure and earning successful and applied experiences attempted to perform in level of organization and big national groups

Beating heart of main companies in iran

has achieved market share of similar products in national level and other organizations and group of services provider companies including Gas industry, electricity and water are placed in strategic plan of the company.

We combined the industry with ease

this company attempted to present vast services as electronic services to subscribers through producing and implementation of CRM& Billing in the field of gas industry, electricity and urban and rural water and waste water that itself is an opportunity to develop the company.

Iran's Technology exports hub

we have the opportunity to provide similar products based on structure and potential of the company was created.

Total Billing Solution

Behineh Pardazesh Co. attempted to design and produce an efficient product called Total Billing Solution through identification and analyzing needs in the field of BBS and services to customers in the field of land line of Islamic Republic of Iran and considering special features including consistency to technical structure of network and communications of land line network of the country and variety of PSTN and NGN centers and on the other hand considering international standards. That this product was changed to a holistic system called multi service billing when this product could achieve satisfactory of customers and of course steady development through covering all services in operator filed including voice and data and all exclusive service including legal and periodical services.

  • Performing mediation with full coverage of technical and communication network of the country
  • Covering all service including technical services for land line , data and periodical services
  • Consistency to structure if process and operation of services in two levels of customer and organization and supervision filed
  • Covering NGN & PTSN & GSM/WLL network
  • Supply of general and exclusive requirements of beneficiaries and shareholders
  • Observance of TM FORUM and eTOM standards
  • Communication to all systems and interfaces


Design and developing iran's main companies in providing online customer services

Masive users

Developing phone payments (2000), push payments and mobile applications


Interactive and user friendly design


Control and supporting biggest companies while providing services to thousands of concurrent users

Iran Telecommunication company

Iran Telecommunication Company utilizing 35.000.000 subscribers of land line and data is known as the biggest operator of land line in the territory and of course has data services and periodical services that is presenting over 50 services. Behineh Pardazesh Co. was successful to achieve maximum market share of this operator in Iran and has covered all technical processes through introducing Total Billing Solution and of course covers and supplies all requirements of this company in three levels of subscribers, organization and governmental supervision layer. Total billing Solution.

Second operator of land line of the country- Iranian Net

This company with proper capacities and potential has entered into the field of land line with voice, broad band services based on FTTH and according to increase of applicants for such services its subscribers will be increased.

Regulatory section in the field of Ministry of communications

This company through design and implementation of Faraz system will be capable to receive defined information from operators that this system was delivered to regulatory field.

Koohe Noor communication company

This company has obtained permission from Ministry of Communication and provides communication services for villagers in the country. Our company has provided this company with technical and executive requirements and has supplied all technical processes.


Land line phone services mobile application

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